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DKP - Miami Corporate Attorney - was founded on solid principles of client service and ethical practice. It is our goal to always exceed our clients' expectations. The Miami attorneys at DKP know Florida's economy, its history, its people, its businesses and its environment to better serve our public and private sector clients. Drawing upon our extensive resources, our corporate attorneys are poised to provide sound legal advice, bringing added value to our clients and their private and corporate businesses.


Our infrastructure, along with our collaborative approach enables our clients to benefit fully from our corporate legal team. The depth of our experience and our relaxed, client friendly atmosphere provides a comfort level that most national law firms simply cannot provide. With our dedicated Miami real estate and corporate attorneys, many of whom have achieved substantial recognition in the legal field, DKP succeeds in providing unsurpassed legal assistance for the most practical solutions for our private and corporate clients.


To truly understand the distinction between DKP and other law firms, one must experience first-hand, visit our office and meet our team. We are personalized, experienced, and bottom-line orientated - the DKP' philosophy.


DKP is a multilingual law firm. Our Miami corporate attorneys speak a variety of languages including Spanish and Italian. Because of our diversity, we serve a large number of international clients.


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Private Practice

Areas Of Practice: DKP has specialized practitioners that practice both condominium law and real estate litigation.


Foreclosure Defense

DKP has successfully represents all types of clients that require assistance in defending against lenders that are seeking to foreclosure on their residential or commercial property(ies).


Real Estate Litigation

High value real estate litigation requires experienced professionals who understand sophisticated deals, financing and ownership structures and the unique rules and regulations that apply to real estate and secured transactions...


Condominium Law

DKP Real Estate Practice includes attorneys with broad capabilities in the areas of condominium law and condominium conversions. We have a wide range of experience representing developers, owners, condo hotel operators, licensors and lenders.