Creditors Rights

If a customer or debtor defaults on financial obligations, the creditor has the right to seek compensation, but must comply carefully with rules for repossession, collection, and other remedial actions. DKP aids creditor-clients in pursuit of defaulting debtors.


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Private Practice

Areas Of Practice: DKP has specialized practitioners that practice both condominium law and real estate litigation.


Foreclosure Defense

DKP has successfully represents all types of clients that require assistance in defending against lenders that are seeking to foreclosure on their residential or commercial property(ies).


Real Estate Litigation

High value real estate litigation requires experienced professionals who understand sophisticated deals, financing and ownership structures and the unique rules and regulations that apply to real estate and secured transactions...


Condominium Law

DKP Real Estate Practice includes attorneys with broad capabilities in the areas of condominium law and condominium conversions. We have a wide range of experience representing developers, owners, condo hotel operators, licensors and lenders.