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DKP Attorneys & Counselors At Law, located in Miami Beach, Florida, is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with the laws regulating condo purchases and sales, as well as real estate litigation. We specialize in the representation of purchasers of condominiums who are looking to get out of condo purchase contracts and obtain condo deposit refunds.


Call DKP at 1-305-438-7923 for a preliminary consultation. Our aim is the attainment of a full refund of your condo deposit or as much of your deposit returned to you as is possible.


What may initially appear to be an excellent real estate investment can quickly become a losing situation once a condo developer fails to deliver that which was originally agreed upon. The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act makes it potentially possible to get out of a condominium purchase contract and receive repayment of most or all of your condo deposit.


Although slumping real estate values might motivate you to attempt to get out of a condominium purchase contract, it's usually not adequate justification for this action. Nevertheless, a pre-construction condominium deposit dispute that is based on a failure on the part of the developer to honor the purchase contract terms might be a workable claim.


DKP will review the contract with the utmost care, including every last report and document that the developer is obligated by law to file. If deemed possible, the condo deposit lawyers at DKP will proceed to take actions to nullify the contract and obtain as much of the condo deposit refund back to you as the law allows.


Provided that you have a legitimate condo deposit refund claim, we will attempt to negotiate a cost-efficient resolution that returns the entirety of your condo deposit to you or as much of a refund as is achievable. In the majority of pre-construction condo deposit disputes, DKP is able to manage everything without necessitating an appearance by you in court. You will, however, be required to appear in court if the case goes to trial.


For a consultation with one of our condo deposit lawyers about getting out of a condo sales contract, Call us today at 1-305-438-7923 or send us an e-mail to


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